OS X Beyond Zork Font

The question that I probably get asked the most about Zoom for OS X is 'how do I get the Beyond Zork font?' The answer since I ported it to Cocoa has been 'you can't', unfortunately: the old system for displaying the font simply didn't work with the new Cocoa display.

Leigh Ribak wasn't satisfied with this answer, though, and has done a pretty good job of transferring the WinFrotz BZ font into a Mac compatible .dfont file: you can download it here.

To use the font with Zoom, double click it and choose 'Install Font', then go to Zoom's preferences and set it as the symbolic font. The font is displayed as a sample, so the name isn't exactly legible but luckily thanks to its name it will probably be right at the end of the list.

You may also need to play with the interpreter setting in the Game tab if you've changed it: set it to DECsystem-20 if you want to be asked by BZ whether or not to use the new font.