Zoom is a player for Z-Code, TADS and HUGO stories or games. These are usually text adventures ('interactive fiction'), and were first created by Infocom with the Zork series of games. Throughout the 80's, Infocom released many interactive fiction stories before their ambitions to enter the database market finally brought them low.

Zoom has versions for OS X and Unix-like operating systems using X-Windows. You can download the OS X version or the source code using the links to the left. Zoom can be redistributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Zoom screenshot

You can read a manual for the OS X version of Zoom here.

Zoom is quite capable of playing Zork, so those of you who have access to the increasingly rare Infocom games can continue to play them. However, back in 1993, Graham Nelson released Curses and more importantly the Inform compiler that created it. There is now a considerable collection of new interactive fiction of variable quality available. Baf's guide to the interactive fiction archive is absolutely essential for those new to the scene.

Zoom 1.1.5

Zoom 1.1.5 is the latest stable version of Zoom. The binary distribution also includes runners for TADS 2/3 and Hugo games, with plugins for other formats available for download. It also adds many improvements to the way Zoom displays games and can be extended to run new story formats via plug-ins.