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Zoom 1.1.5 has been released November 5th, 2011

That’s right! I’m not dead, just… resting.

Zoom 1.1.5 is finally out! This version fixes several issues relating to Snow Leopard and Lion, and updates the git and glulxe interpreters to the latest versions. This is particularly important for git, as 1.2.4 (which was shipped with Zoom 1.1.4) had some critical bugs that could result in corrupted save games.

I’ve also brought the way that the source is published up to date: you can now get the latest version at any time via git (no, not that git, the other one). You can fetch it like this:

git clone

Zoom 1.1.4 has been released June 2nd, 2009

Zoom has been released.

This is primarily a maintenance release, with various bugfixes accumulated over the last year and updates to the interpreters. It has one major new feature: you can now choose which glulx interpreter to use in the preferences – either the faster git or the reference glulxe.

UPDATE: Zoom 1.1.4 had a minor bug that would cause some glk games to receive too many Redraw events. I’ve updated this release to version to fix this.

OS X Beyond Zork Font July 29th, 2008

The question that I probably get asked the most about Zoom for OS X is ‘how do I get the Beyond Zork font?’ The answer since I ported it to Cocoa has been ‘you can’t', unfortunately: the old system for displaying the font simply didn’t work with the new Cocoa display.

Leigh Ribak wasn’t satisfied with this answer, though, and has done a pretty good job of transferring the WinFrotz BZ font into a Mac compatible .dfont file: you can download it here.

To use the font with Zoom, double click it and choose ‘Install Font’, then go to Zoom’s preferences and set it as the symbolic font. The font is displayed as a sample, so the name isn’t exactly legible but luckily thanks to its name it will probably be right at the end of the list.

You may also need to play with the interpreter setting in the Game tab if you’ve changed it: set it to DECsystem-20 if you want to be asked by BZ whether or not to use the new font.

Zoom 1.1.2 November 22nd, 2007

Zoom version 1.1.2 is now available here. The main new feature in this version is integration with the IFDB site, as well as a much improved plugin manager. This version also fixes some Leopard compatibility issues and adds support for QuickLook, both for story files (displaying cover art and bibliographic information in the Finder) and for save game files (displaying the complete transcript that lead up to the save command).

Read on for the complete change list and some screenshots…

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Zoom 1.1.1 July 27th, 2007

Well, it seems that some of the new features in Zoom 1.1.0 had a few of the usual .0 release issues. I’m not sure how I managed to miss that TADS 3 games were failing to save.

Zoom 1.1.1 fixes these issues and adds many new features to the plug-in system so now Glulx, TADS and Hugo games all get the same save-game features as Z-Code games, at least as far as is possible with their respective interpreters.

Read on for the complete change log. Zoom 1.1.1 is brought to you by the revision number 2691.

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Fix for black-on-black issue in Zoom 1.1.0 July 9th, 2007

The X11 version of Zoom 1.1.0 has an issue that can cause it to appear black on black. Oops: this was caused by a new preference in the OS X version not having an equivalent in the X11 version.

I’ve made a patch for this problem, which you can download here.

(Updated 13/07/07 to fix a further issue which could result in some games now having psychedelic colours. Sigh.)

TADS 3 plugin fails to save games under Zoom 1.1.0 June 3rd, 2007

Oops, it seems that due to a bug in CocoaGlk, TADS 3 games are unable to save their contents. If you’re encountering this problem, I’ve written a workaround. You can download an updated version of the TADS 3 plugin here.

To install it, right-click on your copy of Zoom in the Finder, choose ‘Get Info’, then go to the plugins tab and click ‘Add…’: the old plug-in will be replaced and TADS 3 will regain the ability to save games.

The next version of Zoom will incorporate this fix.

Zoom 1.1.0 and CocoaGlk 1.0.2 are out April 28th, 2007

Zoom 1.1.0 has been released. This version fixes all the remaining known major bugs in 1.1.0beta3. As usual, accompanying this release is an updated version of CocoaGlk, version 1.0.2.

There is also an updated manual for this version of Zoom.